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The MusicHub Library: Rules

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The MusicHub Library: Rules

Post by MadeInHeaven on Fri Apr 15, 2016 4:46 pm

This is the heart of the website: the place for people to post threads of anyone and everyone related to music, whether it be a solo artist, a band, a composer, an album, a song, or whatever. As such, there are a couple of particular rules regarding it.

  • THREAD FORMATTING MUST BE EXACTLY THE SAME FOR EVERY THREAD. If you're not sure exactly how to format it, just look at a few older ones and you will have a good idea of how to go about doing it. All requisite information must be included. Mods and admins reserve the authority to edit your posts if there is a formatting issue.
  • There are no official rules regarding which songs should be posted, but please try and put significant ones above ones that are perhaps less so. Don't be too random with the threads you make.

Other than that, I think everything else is self-explanatory. Here are a couple of examples of threads that meet the requisite criteria.


Otherwise Known As: The Blackjacks, The Quarrymen, Johnny and the Moondogs, Japage 3, The Beatals, The Silver Beetles, The Silver Beatles

Years Active: 1957-1970

Primary Lineup:

  • John Lennon: vocals/guitar (1957-1969)
  • Paul McCartney: vocals/bass guitar (1957-1970)
  • George Harrison: lead guitar/vocals (1958-1970)
  • Ringo Starr: drums/vocals (1962-1970)

Additional Members:

  • Stuart Sutcliffe: bass guitar (1960-1961)
  • Pete Best: drums (1960-1962)

Studio Albums Released:

  • Please Please Me (released 3/22/1963)
  • With The Beatles (released 11/22/1963)
  • Long Tall Sally (EP; released 6/19/1964)
  • A Hard Day's Night (released 7/10/1964)
  • Beatles For Sale (released 12/4/1964)
  • Help! (released 8/6/1965)
  • Rubber Soul (released 12/3/1965)
  • Revolver (released 12/3/1965)
  • Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band (released 6/1/1967)
  • Magical Mystery Tour (EP; released 11/27/1967)
  • The Beatles (released 11/2/1968)
  • Yellow Submarine (released 1/17/1969)
  • Abbey Road (released 9/26/1969)
  • Let It Be (released 5/8/1970)

Solo Artist:

Full Name: John Winston Ono Lennon

Born: October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England

Died: December 8, 1980 in Manhattan, New York City, New York (gunshot wounds)

Years Active: 1957-1980

Affiliated Acts: The Beatles, Plastic Ono Band

Main Instruments: vocals, guitar, piano

Studio Albums Released:

  • Unfinished Music No. 1: Two Virgins (with Yoko Ono; released 11/21/1968)
  • Unfinished Music No. 2: Life with the Lions (with Yoko Ono; released 5/9/1969)
  • Wedding Album (with Yoko Ono; released 10/20/1969)
  • Plastic Ono Band (with Plastic Ono Band; released 12/11/1970)
  • Imagine (released 9/9/1971)
  • Some Time in New York City (released 6/12/1972)
  • Mind Games (released 10/29/1973)
  • Walls and Bridges (released 9/24/1974)
  • Rock 'n' Roll (released 2/17/1975)
  • Double Fantasy (with Yoko Ono; released 11/17/1980)
  • Milk and Honey (posthumous, with Yoko Ono; released 1/9/1984)

Here is how you should fill out each form:

Pictures: just find something good; Last.fm is recommended, but not required

Birth/Death Dates: Month, Day, Year in XXX City, State/Province, Country (not necessary with USA)

Otherwise Known As: any other names that this band may have gone under during their existence

Years Active: estimate as best as you can; Wikipedia is good to use for this

Affiliated Acts: any bands this artist may have participated in or any artist this album contributed with as a solo act

Primary Lineup/Additional Members: primary lineup signifies the most notable lineup of this band, additional members is anyone else that played with them

Main Instruments: the instruments that this person is the best known for playing

Studio Albums Released: all albums this artist/band has released

As of now, this is all that should be included in the threads, however this is subject to change as we go on.

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Re: The MusicHub Library: Rules

Post by MadeInHeaven on Sat Apr 16, 2016 5:53 pm

I laid out some rules for how the different forms should be filled out, to prevent whatever lack of clarity there may be.

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